Swan European Regatta 2020

July 7- 12, Turku, Finland
Swan European Regatta 2020, hosted by Turku Yacht Club, is being held first time in the Baltic Sea. The regatta is one of Nautor’s Swans flag ship events.

We are all living in a very different world from the one we knew a couple of weeks ago. Also here in Finland a state of emergency has been declared.

Right now the future is a bit uncertain, but for now we are continuing with the regatta arrangements and hope that all Swan entusiasts are able to meet and compete in July in Turku.

Swan European Regatta – ClubSwan Event

To satisfy the wider Northern European Swan community, the Swan European Regatta has been given a brand-new format, now to be held yearly (instead of biennially) and itinerant, i.e. moving from Turku to Sweden in 2021 and  in 2022 to Denmark.

The races of the regatta will be sailed on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The regatta is open to all Nautor’s Swan yachts having valid ORCi or ORC Club certificate.  If you have questions about the certificate or you need one, please contact mr Timo Telkola, timo.telkola(at)northsails.com. The OA shall divide the boats into different classes on its’ own discretion based on the CDL-values of the boats. 

The Parade of Sails sets of at 1 pm on Sunday.

Something For Everyone!

The Swan Anniversary Regatta will be an inclusive event, for Swans of all ages and design. As with every Swan regatta, the thrill of racing will be rivaled by the exquisite social events that will be held on-shore throughout the week.

In between the races all the Swans can be seen in the heart of the city of Turku, at the mouth of the river Aura. The Swan Merisusi will also be open for public. Merisusi was before a charter boat named Sinbad in the Caribbean and was once rented also by Arnold Schwarzenneger who spent his honeymoon on the boat.

The Swan European Regatta starts in








More info about the event

Regatta Programme

– Registration at 1200 – 2100
– Opening Ceremony at 1900

8.7.2020 RACE DAY 1
– Registration at 0800 – 1000
– Skippers meeting at 1000
– Archipelago Race 1
– Excursions

9.7.2020 RACE DAY 2
– Archipelago Race 2
– Excursions

10.7.2020 RACE DAY 3
– Archipelago Race 3
– Owner’s Dinner at Turku Castle at 1800

11.7.2020 RACE DAY 4
– Archipelago Race 4
– Prize Giving by the full-rigged Frigate Suomen Joutsen (Swan of Finland)
– Crew Party at 1900

– Northern Airisto at 1300


Registrated boats

The following Swans have already registered to The Swan European Regatta 2020. Welcome!

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Need accommodation during the regatta?

We have reserved an allotment at Radisson We have reserved an allotment at Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel  6 – 12 July. All individual bookings are made directly to the central sales office tel +358 20 1234 700 or by e-mail reservations.finland@RadissonBlu.com, Please quote the allotment code “Swan European Regatta” when making the booking.

The History of the Swans

In 1966 Pekka Koskenkylä decided to start manufacturing the best sailing boats in the world, in serial production, out of a new material, fibre glass GRP. Up until this time large yachts were manufactured as individual projects. Pekka Koskenkylä wanted to make 100 boats using the same blueprints and the company Nautor was among the first producers of large GRP boats in the world. He named the brand after the Finnish frigate Suomen Joutsen (Swan of Finland).

The first Swan was launched on 16 July 1967. The Sparkman and Stephens designed Swan 36 had been purchased by Heinz Ramm-Schmidt and named Tarantella. The yacht proved successful in competitions through 1968-1969. In the 1970 sailing season the Ramm-Schmidt family purchased a Swan 37 named Tarantella II. This boat became the most successful racing Swan in the Baltic Sea. Tarantella I is nowadays owned by the Nautor shipwright while Tarantella II is still owned by the original owners, the Ramm-Schmidt family.

The Swans designed by the American Sparkman & Stephens were modern and competitive yachts for their time. Sparkman & Stephens designed 18 models for Nautor, three of which were motor sailers. The strong structural design and traditional lines led Nautor to find a designer for lighter and more modern constructions. They selected a new designer, Ron Holland, who was known for his successful one-designs. Ron Holland designed six models for Nautor between 1978 and 1985. Nautor built these boats so sturdily that they ended up heavier than intended.

During the 1980s, Nautor’s Swan entered a new era with the appointment of Germán Frers as designer, who has since been responsible for the design of all Swan yachts, maintaining that vital balance of competent racers, comfort and beauty in their design. Over 700 yachts have been produced on Frers’ designs, including his first Swan, the Swan 51 in 1981, which was then followed by further great successes such as: the Swan 46 I and II between 1983 and 1997; the Swan 53 in 1986; the Swan 44 in 1985; the new Swan 36 in 1988; the Swan 48 in 1995; the Maxi models represented in the current SwanLine including the Swan 60, Swan 66, Swan 80, Swan 90, Swan 100, Swan 105, Swan 110 and Swan 115.

Since 1998 Leonardo Ferragamo and a group of investors have controlled and managed Nautor’s Swan. This management has evolved the brand by continuing to push forward a whirlwind of innovations and changes that firmly place the Swan yachts at the forefront of the international sailing world. In 2002, a new yard was opened in Pietarsaari closer to the water.

Today Nautor’s Swan is globally recognised as the producer of exquisitely crafted yachts, capable of offering the perfect balance of style and performance. Swans are renowned as the most elegant and safest sailing yachts in the world. The value of Swan is in the heritage, craftsmanship, excellence and expertise, from the design process to the production, from the top quality materials to the technological innovations, from the comfort to the safety of all its yachts.